Check our plans for 2021🚀

Take a look at Yield Parrot's flight plan

Watch some milestones in the picture and continue reading to find out the surprises we prepare for the road 👀
Spread your wings and get ready to fly
Before we can fly together it's important that we ensure that we will have a safe trip. For that reason, we will reach the first milestone even before launch. Yield Parrot will be audited before launch so that we can guarantee security to our users from the first moment.
But that's not all, here is the first surprise!🎁 We are having a second audit!! After launch, we will have a new and different audit to re-ensure our community and make a safer ecosystem.
First moments in the sky
We know that it is important to start on the right foot, that is why we are having the IGO at! 🍖With this partnership, we aim to demonstrate to our community that we have a serious plan of partnerships on the roadmap.
A space full of Vaults
A great advantage of Yield Parrot is its team, which provides it with many business relationships of the highest level in the DeFi ecosystem. From the moment of launch, there will be a very varied and attractive offer of vaults. But since we want to continuously improve, we build a partnership plan that will:
  • Refresh the Vaults offer on our platform.
  • Give exposure and strengthen market position (including $ LORY).
  • Create new investment opportunities for Yield Parrot users & $LORY holders.
NFT Marketplace
Yield Parrot is always at the forefront of DeFi developments thanks to the exceptional team behind it! That is why we will soon have available an exclusive collection of LORY NFT's for each LORY holder. Stay tuned that this NFT not only will reflect LORY's love for each member of the Parrot community, but also they will have a cool utility so as to make this State of the art project even greater 💪
$LORY Jackpot
The future of Yield Parrot also includes a Jackpot that will open new opportunities to users, especially for $LORY holders.
The Jackpot will have $LORY as the protagonist. The value of $LORY will continue to increase over time and that is why the Jackpot will become more and more attractive 🦜🚀
A place where all needs are covered
User experience is no less important. At Yield Parrot we take care that everything is the best it can be. We not only want to ensure the best profits in the market but also that we can satisfy all the needs of our users on our platform. Some of the tools and modules that we are going to build in Yield Parrot are LP Tools, Zap, an asset dashboard, a brand new exchange, and some surprises regarding prediction.
Fly out into space
Yield Parrot always works to go further and will never settle for past achievements. For that reason, once the success in the Binance Smart Chain has already been achieved we will become multi-chain! This will allow us to reach new and very big markets, opening up a sea of ​​opportunities. There will be new vaults, new partnerships, and a high increase in $LORY demand, which will naturally raise its price.
This is not small news, but more details and surprises await to be revealed closer to that desired moment. 👀🎁
Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀