Best Features 🔥

What can LORY do? 🦜🚀
Highest APY: In Yield Parrot you will be able to find the highest APY ever seen to stake your favorite tokens. Why APY? Most vaults will automatically compound, this means that you won't need to be thinking about which is the best moment to do the compounding or even spend BNB in gas fee. You won't need to click any "compounding" button. This feature will compound your vaults at the best rate to transform your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) into APY (Annual Percentage Yield). As we know that the community always wants more, by staking you will also receive $LORY tokens that you will be able to stake in the incredible Golden Wheel! 👇
Golden Wheel: This is one of the best features of Yield Parrot (take a look at the picture)🔥. With the LORY tokens you have earned, you will be able to stake them to earn BNB. Wait, are you serious? Yes! You will be able to earn BNB, and with those BNB put them to stake to earn some more LORY! You are always winning!! And the best thing is that our emission is very very low! All this is possible thanks to the power of our smart algorithms!
Automatic BuyBack: These buybacks are not just a pretty name… In every vaults we will be optimizing the APY from other projects. Some of the rewards from this extra APY will be going to BuyBack to make the price of LORY increase every time! Don’t Worry, the APY you see there is the APY you will get!🔥At every time we will be doing really really big Automatic Buybacks to make the price even more attractive! You won't need to wait for us to make them, they are set to be done by our smart contract every time so as to take LORY to the moon even faster! 🚀
Jackpot: This is our next step in the Road Map. For those who love gambling, with the Jackpot, you will be able to win a lot of tokens without any risk by putting your tokens to stake in a special section for a certain time and all the rewards from that pool will be given as rewards in a lottery for those who had staked. Then your original tokens will be given back to each holder. You can win big without risk! Don't worry we will be updating with more info when the Jackpot is ready.
BONUS TRACK Cosmic ZAP: This is a very cool feature! We realized that most of the time LP vaults have the best APY, but it is really annoying to make an LP. You usually have to go to a swap, buy the same amount of both tokens, add liquidity, and so on… Here you will be able to make an LP token with just one click! You will have a converter where you just need to put the token you have and that you want to transform into the LP. That’s all!🔥After that, you will be able to stake it and start earning more tokens and also LORY🚀🦜
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